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Welcome to my dark side, or maybe not. This gallery is my [visual diary book].

There is always so much going on, politics, business, social interactions, inventions, ideologies...  and all these events and activities share space and time on this tiny planet, sometimes in a perfect harmony and other times they just collide horribly. With the revolutionary level of communication tools that we live with nowadays, we are blessed or damned by knowing too much, often more than what we can process. A 30-second scroll-down through any social media newsfeed at any given morning is enough to get our subconscious  overwhelmed with tons of contradicting information and no clear direction as to what to do with it. However, we all have our unique coping mechanisms that allow us keep going after all- mine is to translate all this emotion generated by everything I see, hear or experience into what i call [visual notes]

Below are some of these artworks.

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