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Bassam Alemam

Creative Director / Concept Artist


Art challenges technology. technology inspires the art.

John Lasseter


A Little About Me 

- Hello - 

It’s been quite a while since I started in this field- I made my entry through 2D animation back in 1999, and from that moment onwards, it’s been an ongoing journey through which I have visited several corners of the art, media and entertainment industries, as I was involved in many feature films, TV series, live shows and concerts, corporate events and other unique projects.


The best thing about this diversity through my career is the vast experience I gained in different sectors that allows me to integrate various techniques into any creative project.


At the moment, I do Creative & Art direction for events and media production. However, since I’m a very visually-oriented artist, I still love to express most of my ideas through drawings and paintings. This has always been extremely helpful both to the team that I lead and to the client, and of course to me as a director since I’m able to translate complex thoughts into clear visuals. That’s why I still create concept art, storyboarding, stage design, color design and other tasks within the pre-production phase.


My recurring clients are: media production houses, PR, event management and advertising agencies, publishing houses (and my friends’ kids).


For over 20 years, I have switched between full timing and freelancing to keep the energy flowing and the diversity in the type of projects that I do- below are some of the companies and partners that I’m working or I have worked with:

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Dubai - Vienna
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